Thursday, May 30, 2024

monthly blog post - mod works, more graphics, end of school

mod works

i haven't been working on my mod like at all, i've been neglecting it for quite some time and i don't know why. it's not like i don't want to work on the mod it's just that i have nothing to add to the mod. the only thing i have done is adding a new ammo type and testing lighting and that's about it. i'm not saying the mod is dead i'm just saying it's being put on the backburner for now.


i've been making more graphics due to my boredom and will to express myself more artistically. here are a couple i've made this month:

more graphics and photos on my website

end of school

end of school was yesterday (at least for me), which means more free time to work on my stuff :-D, prom is in pissing distance which i am forced to go to >:/

not much else to talk about for this monthly's blog post.


Monday, April 22, 2024

monthly blog post - graphics and stuff


i've been lately getting into the habit of just working on random "artwork" and such to express some feelings and stuff, and i think they have been turning out pretty good i think it captures those feelings quite well. now if you cant feel those feelings it doesnt matter. just as long you enjoy my stuff ill be happy.

work on my website

i've been updating my website daily since i think the start of april? not sure. the updates were nothing major, until recently where ive "overhauled" my website. i think it looks good, could use some polishing but nothing is perfect.

really short blog post considering its the end of the month and i thought i would have more to share but whateva.                                                                      


Saturday, March 16, 2024


 ye just like it says in the title! the unfinished doom2 wad "epic_bos.wad" is now available for download!! complete with 2 finished levels and 1 unfinished level.

download link is available on my site at:

enjoy! i guess


Saturday, February 24, 2024

doom wad, website, hl1 mod

while i was making a new map for my doom wad i accidentally replaced and lost the first map of the wad.
this one :
which is unfortunate since i spent a good chunk of time working on it but eh. it is what it is.

but i made a new map1 which is pretty good. spent some time on it and i think it turned out pretty good. still need to tweak some things in the map but ill do that later.

 it's pretty good as a starter level.

i've also replaced some songs in the wad with some metal songs which i think fit pretty good.

i also added some secrets in the map which give some weapons, armor and ammo.

the 2nd map is finished and good, i started work on the 3rd map which is going to be done in a couple of days.

regarding my hl1 mod its been put on hold because of school. which is unfortunate since i have some ideas i want to put into the mod but cant because of said school work. most time i have is spent into the doom wad and very little on the hl1 mod.

website work

regarding my website i think im mostly done for it, ive made all my pages and that. the only updates i push on it are new sic pics, kickass people and some vids i post here and there on bitview.

thats pretty much all for now                                                                                 -domklr

Thursday, January 25, 2024

mah website and other stuff

mah website and other stuff im doing

so ive been working on my site quite a bit recently and im pretty proud of it. obviously isnt the prettiest nor best but it get's the job done for what i want it to do.

the website is so check it out if you want to.

its got a homepage, downloads, videos, picture of the week, guestbook and some links. (and a special page for shoutouts to my friends and other people!)

other stuff now which is my hl1 mod and life things.

so i've been working a bit on my hl1 mod which isn't even 10% close to being finished since i still have to learn c++ programming, make good maps, and a story for the game which i guess i will make as i go along the mod making process.

the mod is called full of pain it's going to be a horror mod which is epic. obviously by the likes of paranoia, afraid of monsters, cry of fear and other stuff.

life things, not much. school started which is horrible. (pray for me) and it is going to hinder my ability to work on the mod and website since i have to study and that bullshit. but i guess ill be able to work on the mod a good amount while needing to study.

quick shoutout caffeine cause without that id be dead along with millions of other people who depend on it to do their job or hobby things.


so i havent been able to work on videos at all, trying to get my friend to record videos with me is a pain because we both need to be home alone to record since we say outlandish and borderline insane shit while talking online so thats why, and it sometimes doesnt work out since maybe im alone and he isnt and vice versa.

 which hinders the ability to record videos. sure we could record a 3-5 min video but that isn't enouf content. which is why i will to start record some random clips here and there in css and other games i play alone since not much content with my friend yk.

that's all. hope you have a great day.                                                                      -domklr

monthly blog post - mod works, more graphics, end of school

mod works i haven't been working on my mod like at all, i've been neglecting it for quite some time and i don't know why. it'...